Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Digital Drawing: Using Oekaki #4

I recently added Adobe Photoshop CS4 on my laptop to create artwork. Not only that, but I also added Adobe Illustrator CS4, Adobe Flash CS4 Professional, Adobe Dreamweaver and much more onto my laptop as well. I can't wait to use each programs. I am so excited about it.

This artwork is titled "Green Boots and Panty". Yes I know, funny and strange name for this picture.
Title: Green Boots and Panty
Year: 2011
Medium: Oekaki (Digital Art)

I had to think about what I wanted to draw on Oekaki so I had to sketch the idea of it first. The female character on the upper left corner of the paper was what I wanted to draw.

I had fun sketching this random character. She looks like a wrestler, maybe it's her clothing and pose! (My apologies for the two blurry sketch pictures.)

Title: Green Boots and Panty Sketch
Year: 2011
Medium: Pen

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  1. I really like this a lot . I would appreciate if you gave this to me (: